Del Lavender Conditioner 6 Sachets

Exceptionally fresh fabric softeners that leave a long-lasting fragrance on your clothes.With Del Fabric Softener as the final step in your laundry, clothes get extra special treatment – a touch of softness, a burst of fragrance.

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Product Info & Care

  • Experience the sensational fragrance of a garden in bloom with Del Fabric Softener with Fragrance Pearls Lavender Breeze. Now infused with Fragrance Pearls that release bursts of extra freshness and scent throughout the day!
  • Refresh your clothes with a rub, and breathe in the bright, fresh scent of Del Fabric Softener.
  • Extra freshness is just a rub away with Del’s Fragrance Pearls. Rub, move, or touch your fabrics, and you release another burst of fragrance – anytime, anywhere you need it.

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