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Banana (Saba) was came from out trusted and top fruit dealer. Banana contains vitamin B and other minerals, which reduces the negative effects of nicotine on the body.

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Saba bananas grow in giant bunches at the top of a tall central stem on large banana palms. Once bunch of Saba bananas can weigh up to 80 pounds. Each ‘hand’ containing up to 20 angled fruits. They are shorter and thicker than a common banana, with a blockier shape and sharply angled sides. Their size ranges anywhere from 7 to 13 centimeters long depending on maturity. Saba bananas are often harvested while still green though they will mature from green to a deeper yellow color. They have a thick peel, which helps protect them during any shipment. The flesh is white and dense, with a starchy consistency, though it is not as firm as a plantain. Saba bananas offer a rich flavor profile, developing a taste somewhat like a sweet potato when cooked. When ripe they are slightly sweet with hints of citrus and peach.

Saba bananas are available year-round.

Saba bananas, botanically classified as Musa acuminata x balbisiana 'Saba,' are considered a sub-group of bananas that contains many different named varieties such as Praying Hands and Cardaba. Known as Sweet plantain, Compact banana, and Papaya banana in English, Saba bananas are a popular cooking variety used and known around the world by different names. In Filipino they are known as Sab-a or Kardaba, Kluai Hin in Thai, Opo'ulu or Dippig in Hawaiian, Pisang Abu and Pisang Nipah in Malaysian, Pisang Kepok in Indonesian, and Biu Gedang Saba in Javanese.

Saba bananas are very high in starch, offering the same amount of carbohydrates as a potato. They are an excellent source of vitamins A, B, and C, and contain dietary fiber and iron. Eating Saba bananas raw will ensure the most nutritional benefits.

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