Fresh meats, seafood, herbs, vegetables and fruits came from our trusted and top wet markets in the Philippines Malunggay is widely used as vegetable ingredient in cooking, as herbal medicine for a number of illness and other practical uses.

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Malunggay is also commonly referred to as moringa leaves or drumstick tree because of its long and slender tree. The health benefits of malunggay are well known not just in Asia and Africa but also in other countries across the globe. True enough, this would not be called as the ‘Miracle Tree’ for no reason at all, right? All parts of the moringa tree such as the leaves, pods, flowers, fruits, barks and roots can be used.
The health benefits of malunggay are primarily attributed to the impressive amount of vitamins and minerals that it contains; according to studies, this has more than 90 nutrients; it is also packed with 46 different antioxidants and 8 essential amino acids. Interestingly, because of the rich component of malunggay, it is also known to be capable of curing more than 300 health related concerns.


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