Nestle Bear Brand Sterilized Milk (1L)

The first Nestle brand in the Philippines, BEAR BRAND STERILIZED has been trusted by Filipinos for over a hundred years for strength and resistance and fortified with B-Vitamins and Zinc.

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Benefits of milk bear quite a lot, there are at least 20 properties. Made with a better sterilization process would make this bear milk has a complex property for the health of our bodies. Here are the various benefits that we will get when consuming regular milk bear:


1. Helps cure lung disease in children

With the existing content in the Bear Brand Milk, will affect the lungs health of children in this aspect more clear or clean



2. Helps cure colds disease in children

With the content of existing vitamins, this will make it easier for children affected by cold disease more cepet cured



3. Help overcome tipes disease

When a person faces typhoid, one of my adek recovers faster when drinking this milk.



4. Helps boost immunity

The amount of mineral content, fat and vitamins in milk will affect the immune system is increasing.



5. Helps neutralize toxins in the body

Content of substances and sterilization process that has been done will bepengaruh in terms of overcoming the toxins in the body.



6. Helps maintain cholesterol levels

When a person drinks milk with such levels of fat and protein, it helps maintain cholesterol by remaining able to benefit from the remaining vitamin content



7. Helps reduce skin loss

Equipped with vitamins A, C, and E, the bear milk is able to help regenerate the skin and prevent damage to skin cells earlier.



8. Helps keep bones so that they are not easily porous

Not only the skin alone, the existing vitamins are also able to keep the bone in order to stay solid and not easy to happen arthritis / the like.



9. Helps restore the body after illness

Purity bear brand, able to maintain health and recovery process.Many diseases that have been proven, when post-drink this disease that is more quickly disappear from the patient's body.



10. Helps maintain brain performance

When we often drink this milk, then with the results of the sterilization process that has been done, the benefits will be more influential in maintaining the ability of our brains.



11. Help keep the body fresh

Not only that, the levels of antioxidants in milk will also affect our body to keep it fresh and healthy.



12. Helps remove toxins in the body

The content of minerals and substances that function to remove toxins that exist in the bear milk, here will show the benefits when we regularly drink it.



13. Helps cleanse blood flow

Logically the same as before, with the condition of milk that has been in sterilization, where there is a high content of antioxidant levels, can help the process of cleaning the bloodstream.



14. Helps stomach cleansing

Similarly, this, because the content in this milk is quite nutritious, then this milk is able to perform cleaning organs in the stomach.



15. Helps cleanse the heart

Not only the abdomen, heart organ also able to clean when we drink this bear milk.



16. Helps cleans the chest cavity

Indeed, this milk is very useful for us who do medical tests, or we are healing period. Because basically this milk has a content that is able to clean the internal organs.



17. Helps cure TB disease in adults

With the properties as above, this milk was also finally able to help cure TB disease in adults, where there are plek-plek in the lungs will be gradually reduced.



18. Not making fat and obese

Assuming the fat and protein content is less, because it has passed the process of sterilization, it affects when we drink this milk has little effect on our weight.



19. Makes sleep more soundly

With the benefits of milk bear as above, where doing the cleaning and assist in the healing process, will affect the process we rest where we will be more relaxed and comfortable when sleeping.



20. Make the body more fresh and fresh

When we can sleep comfortably and relax, when we wake up we will also be more fresh and fresh. And can move with more spirit. Where due to the content of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 which helps speed up the process of energy processing that affects our readiness in daily activities with the spirit.

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