White Corn (Native Mais)

White corn is a sweet corn variety. It usually wrapped in tightly layered pale lime green to white husks. Both of the kernels and milk of white corn are creamy white in color.

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White Corn Quick Facts
Name: White Corn
Scientific Name: Zea mays L. var. indentata
Origin Mesoamerica, probably in the Mexican highlands
Colors Milky White
Shapes Long cylindrical consisting 200–400 kernels
Taste Sweet
Calories 606 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Carbohydrate (94.82%)
Vitamin B6 (79.46%)
Copper (57.89%)
Iron (56.25%)
Vitamin B1 (53.25%)
Health benefits Anemia Prevention, Prevents Hemorrhoids, Promotes Growth, Weight Loss, Prevents Hypertension, Lowers LDL Cholesterol, May Prevent Alzheimer, Prevents Diverticular Diseases, Weight Gain, Cosmetic Benefits


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