Is registration or membership primarily convenience for the store or for me?

Regularly, once you reach a store, you' re invited to " log in," meaning to recognize yourself, using a made-up username and a password. And in case you do not have a username and password, the store may push you, subtly or not, to enlist, or "become a member." On these sites, you see buttons taking you to regions with names like My Account, Registration, and My Profile. So what’s in it for you? You do get a few benefits from registering:


• Once you register, you' ve got given them your charging and shipping address, and maybe indeed your credit card information, so once you come to buy something, you may not retype all that. Nice.


• In case you begin shopping and leave the site before making an order, and then come back, the items will likely still be in your shopping cart since the store recognizes you and spares your shopping cart trusting you may proceed. Non-members lose whatever they put in their carts.


Of course, the stores recommend or request registration since it is accommodating for them, too.


 • Having your registration data already on record helps them to fill out your order form for you, reducing the chance of typos fouling up the process.


 • Since they have all this data on record, they can find your order quicker, for order tracking. 

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