About Us

GreenMart.Ph is a master-planned online shopping platform for businesses, consumers and society. We advocate success and satisfaction in today’s growing industry of e-commerce. This platform will help the small and medium enterprises to participate in the online technology, increase reach of customers, and maximize sales. 
GreenMart.Ph aims to improve and develop customer satisfaction, promote convenient shopping, offer affordability, bring large scale of choices of products in one place. With all of these at work, road traffic and pollution may lessen leading to social welfare and quality time with family. Our company goes well along with the lifestyle of today and the future. 
GreenMart.Ph is a platform primed by a technology solutions company, I-Map Websolutions, Inc., operating in the industry for fifteen years. Such like, we are adept and competent to face the demands in the global business trend so we can assure that our website is secured, reliable and easy to navigate. Partnered with thousands of friendly vendors and respectable logistics companies, we guarantee the best, real product and quick delivery service to our customers.


  • To provide quality and affordable products to consumers offering the hassle-free online shopping experience at the doorstep.
  • To inform the consumers latest fashion trends and innovation in the market.


  • To be the largest online shopping platform in the Philippines to support the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as the large businesses to sell their products online effectively and efficiently at any time, all year round.


Core Values

  •  Motivation

 We keep our employees motivated by getting everybody engaged in the business thru the open communication strategy. We coach for success with respect and kindness.

  •  Growth

             We work hard for our common goals to achieve big dreams rapidly.

  •  Honesty

             We value honest character as it promotes sincerity, integrity, and loyalty which results in love for self and the company.