How to Become a Partner

GreenMart.Ph offers partnership to all vendors of Green Mart and other stores nationwide to extend an opportunity to promote their goods online anywhere and any time of the day.


Below are the requirements that must be submitted to become our official partner.

1.     Register on our website as a vendor and fill out all the required information at

2.    Provide your own email address. Important information and notices will be sent to your email as one mode of communication.

3.    Accomplish the Vendor Information Sheet and must be duly signed by the vendor.

4.    Submit signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

5.    Submit your business government permits, licenses, and personal ID’s.

6.    Bank details such as bank, branch, account type, account holder's name, and account number for our wire transfer operations.

Once all the requirements are submitted, our team will approve and activate your account. We will also send you the partnership guidelines for further information. Please check your email regularly.


Please prepare photos of the products you wish to sell and start exploring your own vendor account at Greenmart.Ph.


For further questions or clarifications, please feel free to email us at