Security & Privacy


In the course of your visit or browsing through the Green Mart website and through other forms of electronic communication (email, sms, chat), personal information and data may be retained and collected. The retention and collection of these data is either a function of the software, the browser, or in order to make your browsing experience more convenient and efficient.

If you register yourself as a user and availing of any of the products and promos posted in our website, means that we have gained your trust and confidence. This trust is very valuable to us and we will safeguard it by observing a high degree of confidentiality as well as putting in place robust and up to date security protocols.


Information/Data Collected

Browsing or visiting the website will generally result into the collection of Session Data through cookies and tags. The IP address of your device may also be retained.

Your other personal information may also be recorded and gathered when you register either as a guest user or as a subscriber; or when you contact us for inquiries and service requests. These are personal information that will identify you and set you apart from other users or subscribers, viz: your name; telephone and mobile numbers; addresses; email addresses; and, other personal information that may be required by us to process and respond to your request.

Please remember that you are providing these information on a voluntary basis and you can opt out any time by selecting the unsubscribe button.

In addition to the above, if you decide make a purchase through our website, your credit card information, cardholder’s name, account or card number, loyalty and/or frequent flyer program information will be retained and forwarded to credit card processors.

Calls to our Support Center and Customer Care are routinely monitored and/or recorded for quality control. By subscribing to our service, you have given your consent to such recording. Rest assured however that all such recordings and the personal data contained are privileged and confidential.


Authorized Use of Information

Upon your subscription either as a customer or a subscriber, you have agreed to the use of your personal information in the manner set forth below:

1.       To identify and set you apart from other users, customer or subscribers;

2.       To provide you with the products, and services you have availed of from our website;

3.       To provide you tips, marketing information, inform you of the latest improvements, upgrades and new features;

4.       To communicate with you for confirmation of your purchase, service and product requests and other transactions, and promos.

5.       To verify service requests, change of user names, passwords and other changes related to the maintenance of your account or subscription.

6.       To quantify and evaluate user or subscriber experience in our website, products and services;

7.       To process and track your transactions;

8.       To investigate, detect and monitor possible fraud and other illegal activities;

9.       To comply with governmental, statutory rules and regulations

10.    In other instances where you have given your consent.

N.B.: Green Grocery will not transmit your credit card information over unsecure channels. Your personal and credit card information will be safeguarded through the use of firewalls, encryption, anti-phishing and other up-to-date technology.


To whom your personal information is disclosed

Your credit card information will be disclosed only when it is necessary to consummate the transaction or for a sale. This would include the merchants and service providers. These third parties may contact you as necessary to obtain additional information.

Your personal Information in general may be provided to:

  • Third party merchants, including credit and companies, credit card processors, anti fraud or cyber security firms.
  • Marketing and business analytics are outsourced by us from time to time and your personal information may be shared with them only as necessary in order to operate and enhance our website and to optimize your experience.
  • To our affiliates and other entities doing business with us and with whom we are jointly offering our services. This group includes our subsidiaries, whether wholly or partly owned; and those with whom we have a joint venture.
  • Your personal information may also be disclosed when we are obliged by a subpoena issued by competent authorities (the courts or Congress)


Retention of Records and Personal Information

All Personal Information collected by us will be stored in secure servers controlled by Green Grocery. These will be stored in databases which you can update by clicking on the update button on your profile.

In the event that you elect to discontinue or “opt out” from your subscription, your personal information and other records will be expunged from Green Grocery's database and servers.

Consummated transactions, however, may still remain in our accounting system as a permanent record of payment and/or delivery of products and services.  This retained information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and according to Green Grocery's Privacy Policy.


How to Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or its implementation, you may contact us at: 
I-MAP Web Solutions, Inc.
Attn: My Global Florist Legal Officer 
Address: 2E Patricia Bldg, 1050 Edsa Magallanes, Makati, Philippines.
Attention: Green Grocery Legal Officer
Telephone: (052) XXX-XXXX