Merchant Partnership Policy

Merchant Partnership Policies

Kindly read the Partnership Policies carefully. Being our partner, you are bound to follow the policies enumerated below. Please be informed that FAILURE to follow the said policies might cause account termination.

  • The registration is free; GreenMart.Ph will only be entitled to compensation for consummated sales on a commission basis, or sales paid by the Buyer or Consumer.
  •  GreenMart.Ph will have an additional charge for multiple photo fees and enhanced marketing fees if and ONLY if it is approved by the vendor.
  • There will be 10% percent share commission in every sales transaction done through GreenMart.Ph
  • The vendor will be responsible for the posting of pictures of their product with a good quality and shall update the product information time to time.
  • If the customer finds the product to be broken, faulty, incomplete, damaged or product not matching the description provided, the vendor will be responsible for checking the returned items.
  • The vendor has the full responsibility for the refund of the purchased price and it shall not prejudice the GreenMart.Ph entitlement to the sales commission, which will be considered as its fee for reversing the transaction.
  • Processing of the ordered items shall be done within 24-48 hours upon receiving the email about the order invoice of the customer.
  •   Any violation will be made that is under these following policies will result in account suspension or termination.